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Firestop sealants can make any building — new or existing — safer for tenants while also limiting property losses from a fire. Proper firestop and smoke seal of fire-rated walls, floors and ceilings, as well as penetrating items through rated walls, helps extend the time to safely evacuate a building in case of fire. Maintaining proper fire and smoke barriers also reduces fire and smoke damage.

Firestop Sealants are used to seal small openings/gaps through penetrants (such as civil pipes, ducts, electrical cables, etc.) passing through walls or floors in buildings.  The purpose of fire sealants is to seal any small openings (up to 2-4 cm in diameter) so as to prevent a fire from travelling from a fire area/compartment to another area/compartment of a building or structure.  Fire Sealants, like all passive fire products, have a fire rating which indicates the time it will stop fire for. Any passive fire product will have a fire rating of up to a maximum of 4 hours.

For sealing around pipes, tubing, and ductwork, you want to use Penetration Sealants that can hold a fire off for two to four hours. Joint Sealants are used to caulk the spaces between wallboards. They are intumescent, meaning the sealant swells up when fire is near or touching it, thus preventing the fire from getting through the cracks and spreading even further.

Calfeutrage MJM et Fils specializes in the appropriate fire stop caulking for your building. We offer professional installation and in-depth knowledge of fire-stop systems to every builder and building owner while respecting the standards published by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) and their installation guide.

For more information on firestop sealants or for a free quote on sealant application, contact Calfeutrage MJM et Fils at 514-779-6959.

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Calfeutrage coupe-feu
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