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The benefits of caulking condos

Most recently, condos have been an important part of the Canadian real estate market. This is for example the case of new real estate. As they are more accessible to households, they now make the most of the new buyers. Despite the attractive price of condos, we must not forget that a property is still a significant investment. That’s why regular maintenance is recommended to keep it in a proper state.

A long-lasting formula to prevent mold: caulking

As the years go by, the addition of repairs related to water infiltration as well as the maintenance of the roof and those related to the plumbing, become budgeting. One of the most alarming situations related to this work concerns, among other things, the excessively high rate of humidity that could harm your home. Indeed, it can happen that traces of mold eventually pile up without warning. They can take the form of black spots all over the walls, but also on the ceilings. It may even happen to tell you by the smell of musty traces leave in passing.

You should know that the mold is often the result of poorly established caulking at your doors and windows, of course, it has nothing to do with the frequent causes of overflowing bathtubs, faucet failures or problems with pipes.

If the phenomenon does not affect new buildings, this is not the case of old condos. This is explained by the fact that the respect of the standards of insulation is de rigueur, that they are today better updated and thus better respected by the entrepreneurs.

From year to year, the dull caulks also tend to come off and dry. That’s why it’s important to replace the sealant joints to ensure that your condo is watertight. From a budget point of view, it is always more advantageous to proceed with the installation of caulking products rather than to repair old installations favored by the accumulation of moisture. Prevention is here.


Why it is advisable to call on specialists for your work

Precision is one of the key points in the installation of caulking joints. The respect of the techniques is crucial so that the caulking products can hold over time. That’s why calling on specialists for your work is more than necessary.

Caulking MJM et Fils is also a key player in the Laval, South Shore, North Shore and Montreal regions. This company offers you a premium service and collaborates with many building specialists. In addition, it offers a 15-year warranty, both for its materials and work, so that you can rest easy in case of incidents, or problems of water infiltration or air.

The company also offers a wide selection of products to name only the Dowsil CWS. It is an adhesive made from 100% silicone and suitable for all kinds of work related to caulking. Dowsil CWS is more suitable for sealing problems related to door openings or windows. The company can develop a free and detailed estimate for all kinds of projects. This gives you the latitude to benefit from an evaluation of the total price of the work to be done.

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