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Are you a caulker? Do you have experience in caulking? We are recruiting professional caulkers to join our team. Calfeutrage MJM et Fils is a caulking company offering caulking services in the greater Montreal area, Laval, North Shore and South Shore. We specialize in caulking residential, commercial and industrial structures. We work with the highest...
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DowSil CWS
Caulking Failure Threatens Both New and Old Buildings We have seen a number of moisture issues appearing on relatively new buildings recently and the culprit has been failed caulking.  It serves as an important reminder to building owners and property managers that while caulking is a small part of a structure, it plays an important...
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caulking services Services de calfeutragePose du calfeutrage résidentiel - Calfeutrage MJM et Fils
In the vast majority of cases, water infiltration is usually caused by an opening in a caulk joint such as a window or door. This entry point provides an opening for the infestation of fungi and molds which then tend to proliferate throughout most buildings. The results generated by a late management of an infestation...
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Why resort to caulking fire seals? The fire barrier caulking system is usually used to seal failed joints. We are talking here about the vertical and horizontal joints linked to the fire protection of buildings. The objective of such an approach is to secure the various structures of your home or commercial or industrial building....
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Calfeutrage de condos
Most recently, condos have been an important part of the Canadian real estate market. This is for example the case of new real estate. As they are more accessible to households, they now make the most of the new buyers. Despite the attractive price of condos, we must not forget that a property is still...
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Our solutions to your insulation problems In the heart of winter, there is nothing more embarrassing than feeling a draft of cold air or rainwater penetrate through a poorly insulated door or window. It would be unfortunate to know that some of the heat produced by the boiler is wasted by escaping through the interstices....
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