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Professional caulking services.

Residential and commercial caulking services

Professional Caulking with 100% client satisfaction focus !
Calfeutrage portes et fenêtres


Not everyone understands the importance of caulking services. Caulking is the main seal from the outside to the inside, which makes it extremely important. If caulking fails, very little separates the outside from the inside of your house / unit. Failed caulking is one of the major sources of air loss, resulting in increased heating and cooling costs.

Defective caulking can expose you to a wide range of possible problems: air loss, mold, mildew, condensation, increased dust / dirt / insects penetrating inside and, of course, risks leaks.

It is advisable to replace your caulk as soon as a sign of failure appears. Give Calfeutrage MJM et Fils a call to obtain a free estimate for professional caulking services.


We will arrange a visit to see your house. In some cases, no one is forced to be at home for the quote.

The process:

  • We will remove old caulking material from windows and doors and penetrations into walls.
  • We insulate windows and doors with a protective rod and / or spray foam.
  • We apply commercial grade caulking for durable sealing.
  • We will clean the debris when the work is done.

We offer a wide range of materials and a 15 year warranty.


Calfeutrage MJM & FILS has been providing commercial caulking services for over 25 years.

We work hard to meet all the needs and deadlines of our customers. We also keep our customers informed throughout the process. Our team is fully trained in safety and certified for the use of aerial lifts and tilting floors.

Whether you are a “Real Estate Manager” or a “Project Manager”, we will strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our products for Caulking Services

All the materials we work with are commercial grade and high performance materials. These include silicones, urethanes, polyurea, latex, acrylic, butyl rubber. All residential and commercial buildings are sealed with silicone caulking or urethane caulking. We use the same materials on all commercial units and residential units.

We can recommend the material to be used depending on the type of surface to be sealed.

Technical sheets

Color charts

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The steps done when providing caulking services

It is essential to rigorously follow all caulking techniques in order to obtain a quality result. Our caulking is guaranteed for 15 years.

1. Remove old caulking joints100%

Before installing the new seal, it is recommended to completely remove the old seal. Otherwise, caulking may not be durable. We are able to remove all joints regardless of their condition thanks to a professional tool, the Multi Master Turbo 1 from the Fein Company.


2. Clean the surface100%

Dusting the part where the new joints will be installed is very important. Without this step, caulking products may not be stuck properly. With the help of a brush and a sponge, we can remove the rest of the residues.

3. Install the backer rod100%

There may be an empty space between the building and the openings, it will need to be padded with a backer rod. This technique ensures the durability of the caulking.



4. Install the caulking100%

We apply the caulking with a bazooka. Throughout the process, we add specialized soap diluted with water. Its goal is to make the joint smoother and more manageable.



5. Cleaning the property100%

Once the joints are finished, we will clean the site. We collect old seals for recycling.