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Calfeutrage de condos
This often overlooked component is critical to maintaining a healthy building envelope Whether a condominium is a townhome or a high-rise, replacing exterior sealants before they fail is one of the most important contributors to maintaining a healthy building envelope. An estimated 90 per cent of air and water leakage occurs at one per cent...
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Are you a caulker? Do you have experience in caulking? We are recruiting professional caulkers to join our team. Calfeutrage MJM et Fils is a caulking company offering caulking services in the greater Montreal area, Laval, North Shore and South Shore. We specialize in caulking residential, commercial and industrial structures. We work with the highest...
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DowSil CWS
Caulking Failure Threatens Both New and Old Buildings We have seen a number of moisture issues appearing on relatively new buildings recently and the culprit has been failed caulking.  It serves as an important reminder to building owners and property managers that while caulking is a small part of a structure, it plays an important...
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Calfeutrage résidentiel Montréal
Calfeutrage MJM et Fils provides professional residential caulking throughout Montreal. Their services include joint sealants, firestopping, expansion joint systems, with a strong recommendation for yearly caulking inspections for cracks and sealant failure as an essential part of every building’s exterior maintenance. It is very important that all exterior openings of a building are properly sealed...
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Calfeutrage nacelle
With winter just around the corner, our company will be working hard to wrap up all of our pending fall contracts. We will also be available to do winter caulking jobs, weather permitting. Many clients prefer to wait until next spring to get their caulking work done.  We strongly recommend securing your work now with...
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Calfeutrage en hiver
Urethane reacts poorly to temperature variations. The colder it gets, the more it loses its flexibility. The sealants from DOWSIL™ Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant retain their flexibility under all weather conditions. In addition, urethane hardens in the cold and becomes difficult to apply while DOWSIL™ Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant can be applied easily in cold temperatures while...
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caulking services Services de calfeutrage Pose d'isolation avant le calfeutrage - Calfeutrage MJM et fils
Firestop sealants can make any building — new or existing — safer for tenants while also limiting property losses from a fire. Proper firestop and smoke seal of fire-rated walls, floors and ceilings, as well as penetrating items through rated walls, helps extend the time to safely evacuate a building in case of fire. Maintaining...
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Calfeutrage en automne
Caulking autumn. In Canada, the Indian summer is considered an excellent period in terms of seasons. You will be easily captivated by the spectacle offered by the colorful foliage of the deciduous forest, including foliage whose hues change from yellow to orange … Even though the view of this kind of landscape is quite captivating...
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1. Silicones are UV light stable. Organic (urethane or polyurethane) products are not and break down in sunlight. This is because UV does not have enough energy to cleave the SI-O, silicone bond. However, C-C bonds used in organic materials are very unstable. UV weathering is the main cause of sealant degradation. 2. Silicones do...
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Calfeutrage résidentiel
Caulking is a sealant used to close gaps in and around your property. It helps make things airtight, waterproof and dust proof, there are many benefits to caulking, such as keeping out unwanted pests (insects & rodents), preventing water damage, keeping out dust and dirt, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria by stopping water,...
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